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Market Knowledge

We are seasoned hospitality professionals with experience in Revenue Management and Operation Management. 

Tailored and flexible Services

We have a wide range of services varying from Revenue Management Consulting Services to Social Media Influencer Research.

Data Accuracy

Our data are collected according to your Hotel’s location. This allows us to evaluate your Hotel’s positioning compared to your competitors’ positioning.

Smooth process

We like to keep things simple and accurate. 

Guaranted Exposure

We collaborate with all types of influencers. We surely have one that matches with the segment you wish to attract. 

Why Choosing Us ?

We do not describe ourselves as a conventional Digital Marketing Agency. That is because we combine our expertises in Hotel Revenue Management and Social Media together ! Throughout our previous experiences as hospitality managers, we had the opportunity to witness some unprecedented market growths that were predominantly led by social media influencers. Therefore, our goal is to help hoteliers to embrace the power of Influencer Marketing with a Revenue Management mindset.

What Makes us Different ?

  1. We like innovation :  We are constantly working on improving our service to help you make better strategic decisions 
  2. We like Using Data: With the help of our easy-to read reports, we share the results of our social media market analysis with you before launching the campaign. We then adapt the selection of the influencer according to your segmentation need since we know that each and every influencer can attract a different market segment.
  3. We are Authentic: We predominantly collaborate with authentic influencers with reliable audiences.
  4. We Love What we Do !
  5. Ah yes one last thing, we speak your language, we know what a RevPAR, a market segmentation and a Best Available Rate are.

Monthly Report

Order a free Influencer Marketing Report based on your hotel’s Location. 



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